Compass Sales Lag Behind Caliber

Date 2006/10/12 8:55:24 | Topic: Compass

Early signs are that the Compass is off to a slower start than the Dodge Caliber. The average transaction price has dropped from $22,467 when the Compass was launched to $21,534 as of Sept. 24, according to the Power Information Network.

In contrast, transaction prices for the Caliber have risen from $17,059 at launch in March to $18,276 as of Sept. 24.

"The Caliber was an exceptionally strong launch," says Tom Libby, a Power Information Network analyst. Libby says it's common for transaction prices to dip as a vehicle ramps up.

Jesse Toprak, an analyst for, predicts cannibalization of Compass sales shouldn't be too bad unless dealers find themselves stuck with lots of Liberties or Grand Cherokees late in the fourth quarter.

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