Search and Rescue Commander

Date 2006/10/13 8:29:29 | Topic: Commander

The Firehouse, a media-only blog that is run by Chrysler Group recently posted an article about California's Placer County Sherrif's department specially modified Jeep Commander - used for search and rescue operations in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Luckily, everything on The Firehouse is "on the record", so here's the article...

We know all about what so-called 'off-road' vehicle a certain prominent California politician/actor drives. But It takes a special rugged vehicle for search and rescue operations in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Which is why the Placer County Sheriff’s Department was glad to get the keys to a specially-equipped 2006 Jeep® Commander, known as "Commander to the Rescue."

Jeep, Off-Road Adventures magazine and several automotive aftermarket manufacturers partnered to provide a vehicle capable of traversing the county’s nearly one million acres of public and private lands, which range from nearly sea level to 9,000-foot peaks.

The "Trail Rated" Commander got some extra gear to handle the rough terrain, such as higher-articulation suspension and aggressive tread off-road tires, recovery gear and winch, engine performance enhancements, a roof rack for additional carrying ability and special batteries to handle the extra electrical loads of winching and off-road lighting.

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