2007 Wrangler on the Rubicon Video

Date 2006/10/16 8:13:47 | Topic: Wrangler

Adam over JKNation.com recently posted a link to a 9+ minute YouTube video of a 2007 Wrangler on the Rubicon Trail in California. JKNation is a brand-spankin-new web site that offers forums and personal blog space for the 2007+ Wrangler community.

The video appears to be from AutoNetwork.com, a website that specializes in videocasts about the automotive industry. In addition to selling various automotive-related videos on Google, the also offer an iTunes videopodcast.

The video is actually pretty good - there are lots of pretty shots of both 2-door and 4-door Wranglers traversing various parts of the rocky trail. There's no commentary - just the sounds of a bunch of Jeeps making their way along the trail. If you've ever wondered what it takes for a Jeep to be a "Jeep", then you really should check out this video.

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