53 Seconds on Jeep.com Enough to Sell a Compass?

Date 2006/10/17 10:22:14 | Topic: Compass

Even with Jeep Compass sales less than stellar, that's not stopping one of Chrysler Groups advertising agencies from touting its success with one of thier advertising platforms. Ecast.com has thousands of digital jukeboxes in bars and resturants throughout the United States, and interactive Jeep Compass ads have been in rotation. Upon completion of the ad, the customer has the option of visiting the Jeep.com web site. According to Ecast, there is an 8.3% click-through rate to Jeep.com, and then those visitors spend an average of 53 seconds on the Jeep.com web site. Wow. 53 whole seconds. Surely that must be long enough to sell a car, right?

Has anyone seen one of these digital jukeboxes? Let us know in the comments area.

Here's the entire press release:

Two thirds of the way through a category-blazing campaign on its national digital jukebox network, Ecast Inc., is reporting significant user interactivity and engagement for 2007 Jeep Compass, its first automotive advertiser.

The three-month campaign allows consumers to create their own virtual Jeep Compass with different colors, wheel trim and sound systems while learning about its safety features. There is also an opportunity for potential customers to sign up for emails providing more information on the Jeep Compass as well as other Jeep models.

Ecast, the leading out-of-home interactive media company that operates the largest network of broadband-enabled jukeboxes in the United States, reports that during the first five-weeks of the campaign, users have demonstrated an 8.3 percent click-through rate from the end of their paid song-selection sessions into Jeep's promotional "mini-site." While in the customized mini-site, they are spending an average of 53 seconds interacting with the brand and nearly 3,000 people per week are entering contact information using the data collection function of the touch-screen jukeboxes.

"Ecast provides a truly, interactive experience that enables us to measure real-time engagement," said Jay Kuhnie, director, Jeep Communications. "This is our first foray into place-based, digital media networks -- and we are very happy with the initial results."

In its first ever pairing with an automotive company, Ecast, along with Jeep and its agency of record, PHD, collaborated to create a campaign that would engage bar and restaurant patrons in a fun yet informative way. The two-part campaign, consisting of digital ads as well as the mini-site, has been designed to complement the Bobblehead campaign for the Jeep Compass, running nationally in TV and print.

"Our goal was to find a unique, out-of-home advertising medium that directly targeted Jeep's target audience of active, young adults who are social influencers," said Marisa Russell, Jeep national media planning, PHD. "The Ecast Network of over 8,000 digital jukeboxes nationwide made it a very attractive promotional vehicle for us."

"Our touch screen jukeboxes are able to provide the innovation and interactivity Jeep was looking for," said George Giatzis, senior vice president, advertising sales, Ecast. "Our abilities to target a specialized audience and provide our clients with specific metrics are proving to be a perfect fit for Jeep Compass. This early success is a testament to how engaged Ecast users are with advertising while they're selecting music they are passionate about hearing."

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