2008 Liberty Unmasked: Baby Commander (UPDATED)

Date 2006/10/20 11:03:05 | Topic: Liberty

AllPar.com recently posted some unmasked spy shots of the next generation, 2008 Liberty. From the AllPar.com article:

For 2008, the Liberty is moving to a “baby Commander” look, gaining some length and mainly getting the squared-off, Land Rover/Hummer look. The headlights and turn signals are, as with the Commander, separate units behind a rectangular plastic housing. The glass has been trimmed, and it appears that the roof has been lowered; seats seem to be the more comfortable yet thinner new design from the Compass; and the fancy new stereos/nav systems should be available. The cargo area has been expanded. It appears that only the 3.7 liter V6 will be available, and that the four speed automatic will carry forward, so the four cylinder and stick-shift may have been dropped; a diesel is expected to return for late availability.

Check out the entire article for the fantastic photos.

UPDATE (10/20/06): They just posted up a couple of additional photos - including one that shows what appears to be some type of fabric roof.

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