Diesel Liberator (Custom Wrangler) at SEMA

Date 2006/10/25 9:54:24 | Topic: Wrangler

Excited about the prospect of a diesel Wrangler? Well then, let this whet your appetite a little bit more. Chrysler Group's SkunkWerks (more info below) is going to debut 7 new custom vehicles at this year's SEMA show (10/31 - 11/3 in Las Vegas) and one of them is going ot be diesel Wrangler named "Liberator".
Jeep Liberator CRD Diesel
Boasting superior range and significant low-end torque, the Jeep Liberator Common Rail Diesel (CRD) showcases the Jeep brand’s off-road capability while demonstrating the advantage of the common rail diesel engine.

Absent of carpet, leather and alloy wheels, the Liberator CRD is Jeep’s absolute commitment to form and function. Highlights include a top-of-the-line GPS navigation system, an entertainment system, a canvas roof with a full-length sliding panel, four vinyl-trimmed bucket seats, a 9,000-lb. winch, radical steel bumpers and outrageous 16 x 8-inch cast-aluminum bead lock wheels and Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 315/75R16 tires.

So, who/what is SkunkWerks? Named after the famous secretive Lockheed R&D division that created the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes, here's how Chrysler Group describes them:
Not since the days of the muscle car have performance-oriented products been given such an influential role at the Chrysler Group. Consumers experience it through performance parts from Mopar®, the winning Dodge Motorsports cars and trucks on America’s race tracks, and the Street and Racing Technology (SRT) niche vehicles developed by the company’s Performance Vehicle Operations (PVO).

But where does PVO get its ideas? Among the answers is the company’s SkunkWerks team – an unofficial group that was brought together as part of Chrysler Group’s growing emphasis on performance parts, accessories and customization.

“We work closely with the Chrysler Group SkunkWerks team in looking at future directions for performance vehicles and parts,” said Dan Knott, Director, Performance Vehicle Operations, whose responsibilities include overseeing the engineering of current and future Mopar Performance Parts. “Like PVO, the SkunkWerks team is composed of a group of dedicated enthusiasts that enjoy working on a wide range of special vehicle projects. They clearly have a grasp of what’s hot in the aftermarket industry. They are really able to stretch their imagination, and that helps us significantly as we develop the next renditions of SRT vehicles and Mopar Performance Parts.

“It’s important to note that several of the SkunkWerks team members are PVO engineers,” Knott added. “They walk the talk as PVO engineers during the day, and after hours they are enthusiasts working on SkunkWerks projects or their own vehicles. It all makes for lively idea generation between PVO and the SkunkWerks team.”

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