Another Harsh Compass Review (plus a good one)

Date 2006/11/26 17:02:34 | Topic: Compass

Ouch. posted a fairly rough review of the Compass. Here's a snippet:
Most of the talk about the new Jeep Compass has centered on whether it’s a real Jeep. But we just spent two weeks in a Limited, the top model, and the question of “Jeepness” seemed secondary. This one, at least, was simply a dismal car.

Sharing a platform with the Dodge Caliber, Compass blends homely looks with unrefined manners to a degree not seen since the unlamented Pontiac Aztek. That this Compass Limited stickered out at $26,180—an easy $10,000 more than the base price of a Compass or that of a Caliber SXT—simply set its shortcomings in stark relief. The day water leaked into the cabin from the sunroof switch, drips splattering onto the sadly misguided CVT “automatic” transmission’s lever, we figured the polarization on the Compass’ needle was reversed. This thing’s headed due south.

Check out the entire review.

This makes us think - has anyone seen a positive Compass review? Let us know in the comments area.

UPDATE: One of our readers sent us this link from It's a positive review - here's a snippet:
Overall, the Jeep Compass is an excellent option for those who were thinking about a Ford Escape, Ford Explorer, or other larger-than-really-needed SUV. It provides SUV styling and four wheel drive in a sensibly sized package that still manages to be nimble and quick on its feet (with the stick at least) and can hold four people in comfort - especially if two are kids - while still carrying a reasonable amount of cargo, and with a reasonable price.

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