2007 Jeep Jamboree Registration Opens at Midnight Tonight

Date 2006/11/30 12:14:08 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Our good friends over at JeepTales.com just reminded us that registration for the 2007 Jeep Jamboree season opens at midnight tonight (11/30/06). According to their newsletter:
I'm predicting the 2007 Texas Spur Jeep Jamboree will sell out by Christmas.

From the feedback I've gotten the Palo Duro Jeep Jamboree will also be a big seller in 2007. You can bet your friends from Team JeepTales will be there.

Please don't get left behind make sure to register early for the Jeep Jamboree that you are planning on attending.

You can get more information or register here.

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