Chrysler Group Offers New $1000 Incentive on 06 and 07s

Date 2006/12/1 10:09:38 | Topic: Sales

Chrysler Group announced brand new $1000 incentives on virtually all of its 2006 and 2007 vehicles through January 2, 2007.

What do we mean by "virtually all" and how does this relate to Jeeps? It seems that the offer isn't valid for Wranglers, Patriots, or Grand Cherokee SRTs. Now we can understand why the Wrangler isn't included (it's selling like hotcakes) and why the Grand Cherokee SRT isn't included (limited numbers, selling well) - but the Patriot? Has anyone even seen one on a dealer lot? Will they be out by January 2?

Anyway, here's a little bit more information about the incentives from the Sky Valley Journal.

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