Wrangler and Nitro Success Fuels Toledo

Date 2006/12/6 12:05:48 | Topic: Wrangler

An editorial published in The Toledo Blade is downright giddy about the recent successes of the redesigned Wrangler and all-new Dodge Nitro and what it means to the city of Toledo (where they are assembled):
Besides pending Wrangler orders, there are roughly 50,000 Nitro orders that must also be filled. For more than two months Chrysler and its on-site suppliers have been working six 20-hour days a week on overtime to satisfy customer and dealer demand - and it wasn't enough.

So workers at the Jeep complex, which employs more than 4,500 people, including 1,100 hired by suppliers, will be building the fast-selling sport utility vehicles on occasional Sundays until supply catches up with demand.

With sales of the Jeep Liberty slowing, the success of the Wrangler and the Dodge Nitro presents a nice production predicament that management, labor, and all of Toledo can cheer.

Given all the problems facing Ford, General Motors, and, yes, DaimlerChrysler, Jeep is a bright beacon in an otherwise gloomy night.

Check out the entire editorial.

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