2007 Rubicons in Short Supply

Date 2006/12/29 16:46:22 | Topic: Wrangler

We've been hearing from various sources that 2007 Rubicons - both 2-door and 4-door models - are in very short supply.

We contacted a couple of dealers and neither one of them had any in stock. One dealer in Texas told us that they have had a total of three 4-door Rubicons on their lot. Two of them were sold as pre-orders and the 3rd sold within 30 minutes of arriving. They currently have 21 on order for customers who have already purchased them. As for the 2-door models, they've had 6 arrive, all were ordered by customers. They currently have 15 on order, slated to be delivered in "January or February". If you should be so lucky as to find a 2007 Rubicon on the lot that isn't already spoken for, expect to pay several thousand dollars in "dealer added market adjustment". In the dealer's words, "A Four Door Rubicon is harder to find than a PlayStation 3 or a Tickle Me Elmo TMX".

A dealer in Indiana added, "There is a HUGE availability issue with all of the Rubicon models. One of the main problems is the sway bar disconnect. They built several Rubicon in the initial batch, then had to replace the disconnect on them due to water leakage caused malfunctions. There has only been a very slow trickle since. I have managed to receive 2 Rubicon only all year. I know that they have thousands in the system in BG status (good order, not available for schedule). I have some in there that have been there since August." He goes on to say that he believes there is an availability issue with the hard tops as well.

Do you have a Rubicon on order? Have you recieved one? If so, let us know about it in the comments area.

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