Wrangler Sales Up. Waaaayyyy Up. Almost Everything Else Down

Date 2007/1/4 7:56:56 | Topic: Sales

From a Chrysler Group press release

The all-new, iconic Jeep Wrangler continues to solidify its segment dominance in the marketplace and deepen its loyalty with customers. Sales of the Jeep Wrangler rose 61 percent to 8,623 units in December. December 2005 sales totaled 5,363 units.

Sales of the all-new Jeep Compass rose 36 percent month-over-month, posting sales of 5,066 units in December 2006. November 2006 sales were 3,723 units.

     DaimlerChrysler Corporation U.S. Sales Summary Thru December 2006

                                             Month Sales      DR %   Vol %
                  Model                   Curr Yr    Pr Yr   Change  Change
  Compass                                  5,066         0      0%      0%
  Wrangler                                 8,623     5,363     67%     61%
  Liberty                                 11,979    17,665    -30%    -32%
  Grand Cherokee                          12,853    21,732    -39%    -41%
  Commander                                7,566     8,458     -7%    -11%
    JEEP BRAND                            46,087    53,218    -10%    -13%

     DaimlerChrysler Corporation U.S. Sales Summary Thru December 2006

                                              Sales CYTD        DR %   Vol %
                  Model                    Curr Yr     Pr Yr   Change Change
  Compass                                   18,579          0     0%     0%
  Wrangler                                  80,271     79,017     2%     2%
  Liberty                                  133,557    166,883   -20%   -20%
  Grand Cherokee                           139,148    213,584   -35%   -35%
  Commander                                 88,497     17,048   421%   419%
    JEEP BRAND                             460,052    476,532    -3%    -3%

Mike's notes

While the sales numbers behind the Wrangler are outstanding - they are not entirely unexpected considering what we've been hearing about the extended waits for customers to get their hands on Rubicon editions. Not counting the new Compass model, Jeep sales were down across the board - with the biggest sales loss coming from the Grand Cherokee which is way down no matter how you look at it. 2006 sales were mostly down as well, with only the Wrangler showing a net gain for full year sales (neither the Commander nor the Compass have a full year's worth of sales data to compare against).

Perhaps the most interesting fact gleaned from this data is the fact that despite 2 new models to the Jeep lineup in 2006, the brand has yet to be "expanded", as Chrysler Group has touted as the reason for introducing new Jeep models. In fact, 2006 Jeeps sales are down 3% compared to 2005. Let's hope that the imminent introduction of the Patriot and rising sales from the Compass can turn that around.

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