Rubicon Production Ramping Up?

Date 2007/1/9 19:30:07 | Topic: Wrangler

A few days ago we reported that Rubicon editions of the 2007 Wrangler were in short supply and orders seemed to be stalled. We just received word today from a couple of dealers that the status of on-order models has been updated to reflect a forthcoming production date. Greg from writes:
Today was the start of allocation cycle for February build dates for 2007 Jeeps.

We have had 37 orders {for Rubicons} in our sold order queue - a few have already been delivered and we had a couple under construction and a three in transit from the Toledo Plant.

Today all 28 of our pending orders went to "D" Status (Firm Schedule Date) most likely for February Construction.

Other dealers we heard from today reporting the same thing.

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