New York Times Wrangler Review

Date 2007/1/20 10:52:18 | Topic: Wrangler

The New York Times has a nice review of the 2007 Wrangler:
The Wrangler continues its classic body-on-frame truck construction, but Jeep says the structure is much stronger, helping to improve the ride and handling on pavement.

Nevertheless, on anything but a smooth surface the two-door’s ride is choppy and rough. The Unlimited rides more comfortably because of its much longer wheelbase, although its occupants still take some licks.

Unlike most modern passenger cars, the Wrangler does not have an independent suspension. Instead, Jeep kept solid axles in the front and rear, a robust design favored by off-roaders. But those solid axles mean that when one side hits a bump, the unpleasantness is shared all round.

The on-pavement handling is competent — in other words, a lot better than it used to be — and the Wranglers are reasonably friendly to drive with a few sacrifices. But it is clear that pounding the pavement is not their primary purpose.

Understanding that primary purpose is the key to happiness. Unlike many vehicles that handle a wide variety of tasks with overall competence, the Wrangler remains a specialist aimed at backwoods trails. Its on-pavement performance, while improved, could easily become aggravating without a consolation prize — like finding yourself in places where no cars have gone before.

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