Clock Ticking on Commander?

Date 2007/1/20 22:29:47 | Topic: Commander

The Detroit News is reporting that Chrysler Group is considering discontinuing the Jeep Commander after the 2009 model year:
The future of the hulking Jeep Commander SUV introduced a little over a year ago looks bleak.

Auto analysts and other industry officials say the Commander, a boxy three-row SUV built at Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, is likely to be discontinued after the 2009 model-year.

"We removed the Commander from our forecast" after the 2009 model year, said Jeff Schuster, forecasting analyst with California-based J.D. Power and Associates. J.D. Power and other auto forecasting firms gather information from suppliers and other industry sources privy to automakers' future production plans.

There has been on-and-off chatter about this since the initial launch of the Commander. We've often wondered how much Grand Cherokee sales have been affected by the Commander.

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