First Review of 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

Date 2007/1/26 10:10:56 | Topic: Grand Cherokee has the first test drive of the all-new Grand Cherokee SRC - and they have some nice things to say about it:
If you like diesels, you'll love the Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD. Especially if you're looking for a daily driver that's capable of being 'wheeled comfortably. If you're new to diesels but are attracted to the combination of performance and fuel economy in a good-sized SUV, you have nothing to fear. This is a diesel with manners and refinement on a level that can only come from a connection with Mercedes. One major disappointment is that, due to stricter diesel emissions standards, 3.0 CRD option is available for purchase in only 45 states. Not included are Maine, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, and California. A future Bluetec version could change that.

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