Jeep Brand Comes in Last in Reliability Study

Date 2007/2/1 9:10:50 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Yikes! That's one of the worst headlines we've ever had to write!

Warranty Direct, an independent automotive warranty specialist company, released the results of a survey they recently conducted regarding the reliability of major automotive brands for vehicles 3-to-9 years old. They are ranked by the percentage of mechanical failures reported covered by each brand warranty policy.

Not a single U.S. brand made the top ten - the list was led by Mazda (8.04), Honda (8.90), and Toyota (15.78). Jeep was absolute last in the list with 46.35% of vehicles needing at least one repair under the warranty policy. Ouch.

In second-to-last place was Land Rover at 44.21%.

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