Chrysler to Consider using Mercedes Diesels in Minivans - Jeeps Next?

Date 2007/2/8 10:09:30 | Topic: Miscellaneous is reporting that a diesel engine that is in development for Mercedes might make its way into future Chrysler minivans.
The Chrysler group is strongly considering selling diesel-powered minivans in North America as early as 2010.

"We're contemplating it," said Jason Vines, Chrysler's chief spokesman.

Talk of a diesel minivan is another indication that Chrysler is looking at a broad lineup of diesel-powered cars and light trucks in a few years. A Mercedes-Benz diesel engine under development will make it possible to meet U.S. emissions requirements.

MarkH, who submitted this news item to us added:
Well, Mike, that's just great. Maybe after debugging Mercedes diesels in Chrysler minivans, DCX will transplant them into the new Wranglers... Why not continue the JK's minivan powertrain heritage?

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