$500 Goes to the Biggest Jeep Freek

Date 2007/2/8 10:00:26 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Long time friend of JeepNewsNow.com, AllThingsJeep.com has teamed up with JPFreek Adventure Magazine and is having a contest to see who is the biggest Jeep Freek on the planet.

JPFreek Adventure Magazine is a free, downloadable magazine - we've checked out some of the issues and it's pretty cool. Articles topics include off-road reports, general adventure articles, and gadgets. The fact that the articles are more "Jeep-lifestyle" based rather than hardcore Jeep-tech is a welcome addition to Jeep magazines. We recommend it!

Anyway, to be named the biggest Jeep Freek, you'll need to write a 1-to-2 page essay (along with photos, drawings, etc...) and make your case. Judges will then crown the biggest Jeep Freek.

Get all the details over at AllThingsJeep.com

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