In-Depth Jeep Patriot Off-Road Review

Date 2007/2/9 9:41:22 | Topic: Patriot

Jeff sent us an email with a link to a great in-depth review of the Jeep Patriot. The great thing about the review is that it is focused on the off-road capabilities of the vehicle, and includes a blow-by-blow description of a trail run.
From the gully, we picked up the pace and ran the wash at moderate to high speeds, which was an excellent test of the Patriots rally capabilities. Keeping the CVT in low, the engine responds well and allowed me to correct for minor slides and exit the corners hard by pulling the front end around. The ESP goes into a secondary mode while in 4wd lock, low and with ESP off. It comes back on at 35 mph and only uses brake force correction to mitigate a skid. It works great and does not cut the throttle in that mode like nearly all competitors do. This, combined with the low COG, responsive motor and great dampening makes the Patriot a blast to drive in the fast stuff.

The author of the article concludes with a "best-in-class" grade for the Patiort. Check out the entire article from

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