Jeep Rant

Date 2007/2/14 22:03:28 | Topic: Sales

One of our readers, JerryJeeper, sent us a link to an article - errr, well, more of a rant - about the current state of all things Jeep.
The current Jeep lineup consists of the Commander (soon to be discontinued), the Grand Cherokee, the Compass, the Liberty, the Patriot, the Wrangler and the Wrangler Unlimited. What's wrong with this picture? Simply put, it's the too many models syndrome run amuck, big time. It wasn't too long ago that these guys were on top of the world with the Jeep brand; now they're floundering around throwing anything and everything up against the wall to see what will stick, which means that they don't have a clue.

It comes from - a hard-hitting automotive news site. If you're into the auto industry, check it out today. It is fantastic.

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