Scary Future for Jeep

Date 2007/2/16 20:44:25 | Topic: Miscellaneous

A long-time reader sent us this...

Have you been following the news closely?

With DCX plans to cut over 10,000 jobs in the US plants ... Chrysler brands not performing ... and worst of all with Dieter Zetsche, mentioning that "all options are being considered" for the Chrysler group, which means selling, it's a scary future for Chrysler brands. In the event of a sale, the current state of the US market, does not put GM or Ford in position to buy, since they're in bad enough shape already. So if the the other 2 Detroit big brands don't buy Chrysler ... then who will?

Educated speculation puts forward the Renault group (which also owns Nissan) as a potential buyer. Now, if you remember, when Jeep was owned by AMC, it entered an alliance with Renault in 1979, and in 1980 Renault acquired 46% stakes in AMC. This had led to the worst vehicles and had sunk AMC to an all time low.

In 1987 Chrysler acquired AMC and saved Jeep.

Now ... in another scary scenario, if Renault is not buying ... this only leaves the option of a cash rich Chinese car manufacturer who wants to set a strong foot on the US and world market.

And, unfortunately ... this sounds to me like the most likely of scenarios. Chinese Jeeps ... (Brrrrr!!) I have goose bumps & shivers just at the thought of it.

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