GM Has Plans for the Jeep Brand

Date 2007/2/21 8:45:41 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Should the rumored sale of Chrysler Group to General Motors actually happen (I still can't believe all this is even happening), auto analysts have been mapping out a potential future for the various Chrysler Brands.

Business Week has a nice article about what they feel are GM's plans for Chrysler:
GM executives have also war-gamed specific strategies for cutting costs and streamlining operations if they do acquire Chrysler. They have picked through various product lines to determine whether two or more can be built on the same platform to trim costs and simplify purchasing. Possibilities include building the next-generation Dodge Ram pickup with the same platform as the Chevrolet Silverado and using the Jeep Wrangler platform for the Hummer H4 concept car from GM. GM executives also see an opportunity to improve Chrysler's profitability by buying parts from around the globe.

Yikes! Using Wrangler parts on a Hummer! The horror!

Check out the entire article.

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