Another Positive Patriot Review

Date 2007/2/28 12:43:56 | Topic: Patriot

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The Patriot competes with the Toyota RAV4, the Honda CR-V, and the Hyundai Santa Fe. In this company, the Jeep looks far more like a tough-guy off-roader than its curvaceous urbanite rivals. Inside, the Patriot's upright dash and flat expanse of hood make you feel as though you're in something substantial--more truck than minivan--and the simple controls are logically laid out.

And while it isn't particularly fun to drive on-road, this Jeep offers good ride quality and competitive dynamics that are miles ahead of the Wrangler and the Cherokee before it.


Even though the Patriot is six years late, we can't think of a better replacement for the Cherokee.

It's a pretty short review - check it out.

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