Used Grand Cherokees a Bad Bet

Date 2007/3/1 7:07:04 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

Consumer Reports just released their good and bad bets for used vehicles. While the "good bets" are dominated by Japanese imports, the "bad bets" had one standout that is of interest to our readers - the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Here's a snippet:
Used cars often offer consumers the best values in the automotive market since new vehicles undergo a rapid depreciation in the first few years. Consumer Reports 2007 April Auto Issue features the lists of the best and worst used vehicles for 10 model years, 1997 through 2006.

Reliable vehicles and Vehicles to avoid include all models that showed above- or below-average overall reliability in CR's 2006 Annual Car Reliability Survey, which drew responses on about 1.3 million vehicles. CR has found that improved reliability has made used cars more appealing and insurance rates tend to be less expensive.

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