Jeep Brand Worth $5.3 Billion?

Date 2007/3/2 13:02:23 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Pocket change for Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. That's what one of the most beloved American car brands is worth if sold on the open market - according to a Morgan Stanley researcher. reported on this and the worth of the other Chrysler Group assets. They're quoting a subscription-only Automotive News story, but the numbers seem fairly reasonable:
As the rumors of Chrysler's sale increase analysts are starting to talk about just how much it might cost a prospective bidder to secure the rights from Daimler. The numbers they are throwing around seem amazingly cheap. Some are going so far as to say that DCX might have to pay a potential suitor to take Chrysler off its hands. The huge $16.7 billion health care funding is one of the big reasons for that, but the values the analysts are putting on the various Chrysler holdings might come as a shock to many readers.

What do you think? Is Jeep worth $5.3 billion?

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