NAIAC Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep Exhibit

Date 1998/12/29 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Word on the street is that the Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep exhibit at the North America International Auto Show will be HUGE:

This impressive exhibit boasts more than 42,000 square feet in combined space, and embodies the international design and architecture for which Chrysler Corporation has come to be known. Although each brand is represented distinctively with specific materials and fabrics, a two-tiered structure is the common thread through the three divisions. Interactive display telescopes allow viewers to gaze at vehicles, video, graphics and awards. A massive 20'x16' mural depicting the 300M vehicle is actually a compilation of 2,800 smaller mosaic pieces of historic Chrysler brand photography. Look for a triple oscillating turntable mounted with a Chrysler concept car and suspended above the exhibit floor. This interactive component gyrates in three directions, and allows onlookers to tilt, rotate and control the speed of the mounted concept car.

Let's hope the Jeep Commander concept car is sitting on top of that interactive display platform.

The auto show opens for the press on January 3, 1999, it opens to the public on January 6, 1999.

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