'88 Cherokee Converted to 100% Electric

Date 2007/4/19 7:45:38 | Topic: Cherokee

Found this interesting (and VERY thorough) website about a tired old '88 XJ (400k+ miles on two gas engines) being converted to a 100% electric vehicle. Very interesting, and a lot of great pictures!
So, for the Jeep conversion, I've decided to start off using flooded Lead Acids for my first pack simply because they are inexpensive and more tolerant of abuse then other battery chemistries. The main trade-off compared to AGMs (my second most likely choice) is that they won't provide the Jeep with race car performance or top speed. Also, they'll need to be cleaned and refilled frequently to ensure they have a long life. A fairly common brand of flooded lead-acid battery used in EVs is Trojan Batteries. This is the brand I've chosen to use as well. I'll be using the T-875 battery which has four cells for an 8 volt battery. However, this is no small battery, with dimensions of 10-3/8" x 7-1/8" x 10-7/8" and a weight of 63lbs! The goal is to have twenty of these for a total system voltage of 160 volts DC.
Check out the entire site.

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