Another Rave Review for the Patriot

Date 2007/5/8 20:27:42 | Topic: Patriot

We almost filed this story under "Cherokee" instead of "Patriot", as the title of this review from Off-Road Adventures magazine is "Cherokee Reincarnated".
Speaking of driving, what immediately strikes us is how similar the Patriot is to the Cherokee of old — almost to the point of being a “retro.” The Patriot’s dimensions are within an inch of duplicating its four-door ancestor.

Patriot designers kept that size and style for a reason — too form follows function.

“Simple yet distinctive geometric forms and planar surfaces define Jeep Patriot’s timeless proportions,” says Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President - Design. “Combined, these features give Jeep Patriot its robust, strong, capable off-road image.”

But more importantly, that boxy body style that goes against today’s norm of trying to round off the edges of every vehicle on the road maximizes space: You can fit more people and cargo in a box than in a bowl – and the new Patriot, like its predecessor, delivers more interior and cargo room than its competitors.

The Patriot is designed to appeal to customers who want a vehicle that is practical in terms of form and function, as well as different from the crowd of compact SUVs currently on the road, according to Creed.

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