Additional JT (Wrangler Pickup) Information

Date 2007/5/23 3:13:29 | Topic: Concept/Demonstration

Car Connection has a brief rundown of Chrysler Concepts, and the JT was mentioned. Hopefully enough articles on this vehicle might get enough attention to get the execs at Chrysler to consider this guy for production.

Even Car and Driver is reviewing the JT. Their article has a few cool pics of the JT out in the dessert. Sadly, they too are not too optimistic about this one going production, but then gain, you never know.

Maybe if we are lucky, we will get to see the JT at Camp Jeep. Might be fun to chat with the engineers on this. Hopefully if they are serious, we can make a few suggestions on some improvements (like a Diesel option, combo tailgate/swing gate, tire off of the back, rollbar in the bed area, etc...)

UPDATE: 5/24/07: Autoblog has some great photos of the JT offroading. IGN also has a nice article about Chrysler Skunkwerks and the JT.

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