More 1998 Jeep Sales Numbers

Date 1999/1/13 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

A DaimlerChrysler press release said Thursday that sales outside North America for its Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler brands fell 16 percent in 1998 to 200,222 units.

Despite this initial bad news, they also reported that annual sales records were set in 9 countries outside North America: Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Brazil. Sales in Latin America were also at an all-time high for the year.

December was a record month for the Chrysler and Jeep brands in Europe, including best-ever months in Germany and Sweden. Chrysler minivans were the company's biggest seller outside of North America, accounting for 29.9 percent of international sales. The Jeep Cherokee accounted for 20.1 percent of sales; the Jeep Grand Cherokee for 18.2 percent of the company's international results.

Germany was the largest market for the Chrysler and Jeep brands outside North America in 1998, followed by Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Brazil.

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