Chrysler Group Wants a Photo of Your Jeep Having Fun

Date 2007/6/12 8:43:05 | Topic: Miscellaneous

From the Chrysler Group media-only blog:

Jeep® lovers – tired of seeing YouTube videos of your Jeep outdoor adventures getting overlooked by the Academy?

Well, Jeep marketing is offering a little limelight. They’re looking for pictures from anyone in a Jeep vehicle who knows how to have fun (uh, family fun folks). They’re going to use the images to create a Jeep mosaic ad for the Web and print.

Okay, so it’s no Oscar statue, but Jeeps and red carpets don’t go well together anyway.

Send your contributions to by June 20th.

Most formats are accepted. Along with your photo, send your name, where the photo was taken. You can also write a short caption and, if you wish, include up to 30 seconds of audio and a URL of a site where the photo is displayed on the Internet.

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