Jeep Magazine Ads Most Effective for Compass Launch

Date 2007/6/18 0:20:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We recently stumbled upon an interesting Jeep advertising article that details the advertising effectiveness behind the recent Jeep Compass launch. The study found that magazine ads were the most effective advertising for driving sales (pun intended).

Dynamic Logic found that magazines, alone or in combination with TV and online, drove purchase consideration of the Jeep Compass more than any other medium alone or in combination with others.

The research also found that in each purchase stage of the Compass, magazines alone or with the Web were the most efficient of all media (TV, magazines, online) and combinations thereof, as measured by cost-per-person by metric and exposure cell.

What do you think? Which type of ads (TV/radio/print/internet) do you respond to the most?

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