1999 Jeep Jamborees

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The 1999 Jeep Jamboree schedule was recently released and it looks like another great year for this "uniquely-Jeep" event. Beginning the last weekend in February at the Sea of Cortez Jeep Jamboree in San Felipe, Baja, this year's Jamborees are priced around $250 per person.

According to the offical Jeep Jamboree web site:

Jeep Jamborees are an extended series of four-wheeling excursions available exclusively to Jeep owners and their guests. There are 35 action- packed weekend trips (Fri., Sat., Sun.) scheduled in 1999 that wind through some of North America's most spectacular backcountry. If you love exploring remote locations, enjoy testing the capability of your Jeep 4x4, and look forward to meeting great new friends along the trail, then a Jeep Jamboree is an adventure you don't want to miss!

Don't let that stop you or your Jeep vehicle. Jamborees are designed for all levels of expertise-from raw beginners to seasoned veterans. They're family-oriented outings that are fun for everyone. And keep in mind that Jamborees are designed for stock Jeep vehicles just like yours. (Tow hooks are mandatory on all Jamborees in 1999.) And, as the name suggests, Jeep Jamborees are strictly for Jeep 4x4s. There are no exceptions.

35 Jamborees are currently scheduled for 1999, including 4 new locations: Adirondack Spring Jeep Jamboree (Martinsburg, New York), Daniel Boone August Jeep Jamboree (Lexington, Kentucky), Catskill Mountains Fall Jeep Jamboree (Sullivan County, New York), and (finally!) Moab Jeep Jamboree (Moab, Utah).

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