Hummer H4 To Go After Wrangler

Date 2007/7/31 19:00:24 | Topic: Wrangler

AutoWeek just posted an article about the future of the Hummer brand. Included in it is a blurb on the forthcoming H4 - said to be direct competitor to the Wrangler.
Sources say GM has given the green light to market a small SUV for the 2009 model year that will be similar in size to the Jeep Wrangler. Select members of the media have seen it and say it has striking styling that should jump-start the Hummer brand. The smaller, lower-priced SUV is needed to help Hummer become successful outside North America.

Unfortunately, we're not one of the "select members of the media" who have seen it - we're pretty sure we're at the bottom of that list. There is a photo of the H3T concept though - but it's not really all that interesting.

LeftLaneNews also has an article about the H4, but with the sheer number of facts that don't agree in the two articles, we're not sure if anyone really knows what they're talking about (except us, of course).
Martin Walsh, Hummer's General Manager, told dealers at the annual Hummer All-Dealer meeting in California that the small Hummer will arrive in dealerships in 2010 or '11. The vehicle will first be previewed as the Hummer HX concept car. A few select dealers were invited to see the concept car, which is a thinly veiled version of the production car.

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