The Shadowy Figure Behind Cerebus - and Now Chrysler

Date 2007/8/13 11:28:46 | Topic: Miscellaneous

So, who exactly runs Cerebus Capital, the new majority owner of Chrysler LLC? Do you know? Chances are you don't, and that's just the way publicity-shy CEO Stephen Feinberg likes it. has an outstanding article about the man behind the buyout:
Since graduating from Princeton 25 years ago, Feinberg has never given an interview and has never been photographed by the press. Not that there has been much demand until now. On Wall Street, the C.E.O. of Cerberus Capital Management, an investment firm with $26 billion in assets under management, has long been admired. (“You probably think you’re smart,” says one former employee. “Now take your brain and mine, take them to the 28th power, and you have Steve Feinberg.”)

Sounds like he could be on the way to a modern-day Howard Hughes...

It's a great article - but be warned, it runs about 7 pages, so carve out some time before you dig in.

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