2007 Grand Cherokee CRD Review

Date 2007/8/21 15:40:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

The guys over at About.com recently spent some time with a 2007 Grand Cherokee CRD - and gave it 4 out of 5 stars.
The engine sound may be refined, but it still features the primary performance characteristic of most diesel engines: great gobs of low-end grunt. Thanks to a generous 376 lb.-ft. torque, this vehicle has plenty of pulling power at low- to mid-RPM ranges. The grippy 4WD system adds to the fun, making this a perfect vehicle for off-roading and light-duty towing. The power is especially noticeable under steady acceleration, making passing vehicles, merging into traffic and generally scooting about at lower speeds a blast. All of that extra twisting power gives the Grand Cherokee CRD an impressive 7,400 lbs. towing capacity and a driving range of approximately 425 miles.

The article makes a good point in noting that the diesel option adds $4,000 to the sticker price - not exactly a no-brainer. I think that if it cost half that, a lot more people would be going diesel.

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