Date 2007/8/23 16:30:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

With the new Jeep marketing slogan, "Have Fun Out There" starting to gain some traction, Jeep has launched a new web site. It's a very different type of site - it appears to be mostly user-generated content - mainly photos and videos pulled from Flickr, FaceBook, MySpace, and YouTube that are tagged with the term "jeep".

The entire site is composed of a single web page with some great interactivity that enlarges photos as you mouse over them. Click on a particular photo and you can see it full size, click on its "more info" link, and you can get the details behind the photo.

It's a really slick site, and quite easy to get lost in for a few minutes. I can easily see other brands copying this type of site for their own products (or maybe Jeep has copied this from someone else - I'm not sure). Either way, I like it.

Also - check out Duncan's Print - they have the complete lineup of current Jeep "Have Fun Out There" print ads.

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