Long-Term Test Drive with 2007 Wrangler

Date 2007/8/24 13:12:00 | Topic: Wrangler

Edmunds Inside Line does this cool thing where they do long-term test drives with vehicles and they blog about their experiences as they go along. I've been following their 2007 Wrangler experiences and just learned about the ability for the navigation system to record trails. Has anyone tried this? Can you output a GPX file or something similar to post online?
And a nifty thing I discovered about our Wrangler? You can record trails you go on! I was playing with the nav system and saw that it gave me the option to record a trail. You can save it, expand on the trail or discard it. How cool is that?
Check out latest blog entry or check out all the posts. They've also been testing the Compass and the Commander - although the Commander's tested came to a crashing end earlier this year.

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