Jeep Liberty: 3rd Most Recalled Vehicle

Date 2007/8/28 7:56:41 | Topic: Liberty

At least it's not #1! Business Week just posted a list of the top 15 most recalled vehicles for 2007 (so far), and the Jeep Liberty sits comfortably at #3 with just about 150,000 vehicles recalled (most of these were for a potentially flawed blower motor).

It doesn't look like the Liberty will be able to catch #1 and #2, the VW Beetle has over 1,000,000 vehicles recalled, and the Toyota Sequoia is just north of 500,000.

The article correctly points out that not all recalls are physical defects with the vehicle - some are of the 'lets-recall-this-and-fix-this-minor-thing-so-we-don't-get sued variety. The 18,000+ Jeep Compasses recalled this year are a case in point - the recall was to update the owner's manual - and nothing else.

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