Official Camp Jeep Site Relaunched

Date 2007/8/31 8:49:39 | Topic: Miscellaneous

The offiical Camp Jeep web site has been relaunched to focus on 2007's Camp Jeep and the activities surrounding the event.

The site focuses more on the "lifestyle" aspects of the event than the hardcore Jeep stuff. If you're always wondered what Camp Jeep was all about - the site does a pretty good job of capturing it. Think "summer camp" for the whole family.

In order to entice people to visit the site, they are offering a free download of a unreleased Tim McGraw (who performed at Camp Jeep) song, titled "Louisiana". Only the first 10,000 downloads are free - after that, you can listen to the song streamed through the site, but you can't download it.

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