Jeep Bikes and Grand Cherokee Awards

Date 1999/2/19 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We saw a tidbit on the news wire about Jeep introducing a line of bicycles in the United States in June. Apparently, the bikes will be named after Jeep vehicles (a 24-speed Wrangler?, a Grand Cherokee with a banana seat?). If anyone has any further info about this, let us know...

DaimlerChrysler published a list of all the awards that the 1999 Grand Cherokee has been awarded this year...

  • North American Truck - "Truck of the Year of the Year"
  • MotorWeek - "Best Family Sport Vehicle"
  • Four Wheeler - "Four Wheeler of the Year"
  • 4 Wheel & Off-Road - "4x4 of the Year"
  • Popular Science - "Best of What's New"
  • Kiplinger's - "Best Cars of 1999"
  • Kiplinger's - "Best New SUV"
  • TAWA* - "Best New Vehicle for 1999"
  • TAWA* - "Best Medium SUV for 1999"
  • American Woman Motor Scene - "Most Likely to Survive Anything"
  • AAA - "Top SUV Over $25,000"
  • Edmund's - "Best SUV Over $25,000"
  • NEMPA* - "Best Compact Sport Utility"

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