Newsweek Suggests Compass, Liberty, and Commander Destined to be Axed

Date 2007/9/13 13:02:00 | Topic: Commander

The weekly news magazine Newsweek is running an article where they suggest that the Jeep Compass, Liberty, and Commander are all on the chopping block as Chrysler LLC moves forward in an effort to prune their offerings.

The article stems from a recent speech that new Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli gave where he indicated that Chrysler has to move on from having emotional attachments to the vehicles in its lineup. Translation: if it's not selling, it's not staying.
So Nardelli's suggestion that he might euthanize brands and models at Chrysler got the assembled auto writers revved up. When he descended from the stage, he was mobbed in a scene that reminded me of the rushing reporters knocking over the phone booths in the movie "Airplane." Does Chrysler have too many SUVs? What brands are you going to kill? Nardelli backtracked—slightly. No, he's not doing away with the Dodge, Jeep or Chrysler brands. But it's time to get Darwinian about what's sitting on showroom floors. "We have to look very hard at some of the products within those brands," he told the throng of jostling journalists, "and make some tough choices."

The 3 Jeep vehicles were among 9 Chrysler vehicles that Newsweek feels might be axed in the near future. While I agree with the possibility of the Compass and the Commander not having a rosy future, I think the Liberty is a little more of a long shot.

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