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Date 2007/9/26 7:43:19 | Topic: Miscellaneous

The "new" Chrysler media effort is starting to impress us - this is two days in a row that they've featured Jeep-centric articles. Today's post is from Michael Chetcuti, the owner of AEV:
Itís pretty much public knowledge that Jeep enthusiasts are some of the most devoted brand fans this side of a Harley convention. While a stock Jeep can get you down the Rubicon or to your favorite campsite, there are plenty of hardcore outdoor types who simply demand more from their products. Thatís where we come in.

Our mission is to make truly dual-purpose vehicles; Jeep vehicles that are as capable on the road as they are off of it. We love working on Jeep vehicles because the quality of the product ensures a built-in demand from casual fans and fanatics alike, who really understand the reason that Jeep has such a strong reputation.

Weíve been creating all sorts of useful modifications for hardcore enthusiasts and tuners alike. We produce everything from JK bumpers, to hoods, to custom wheels, to entire kits to convert a Wrangler into a 4x4 pickup truck. The Brute, as itís called, has proven so popular that many dealers are starting to carry examples in their showrooms. You can see it all here.

The possibilities are basically endless, and so are the customers. For example, weíre building a vehicle now for a guy whoís going to South America for four weeks and requires a vehicle that can accommodate the rugged terrain and carry all of his gear. Tall order, but thatís our business.

Folks like these are why working with Jeep just made sense. The Wrangler is a body-on-frame, itís incredibly flexible and people can basically remove the components that they want to replace and do it themselves without any special expertise or tools.

When youíre working with a vehicle like that, the possibilities become limitless. Factor in the built-in audience, and itís a vibrant market niche that you just canít ignore as an outfitter. We sure havenít, and weíve been very successful in accommodating this demand.

Itís especially important when you consider how passionate Jeep folks are about their vehicles. For a lot of these people, modifying their vehicles is just as fun as driving them.

Theyíre investing thousands of dollars improving the functionality and uniqueness of their vehicles, and keeping us scrambling to create new and useful packages to enhance their experience.

Jeep enthusiasts demand the highest levels of performance and durability from their products, and weíre always ready to deliver to them the next level of customization. Our relationship with Jeep has proven to be a great fit, and itís worked out phenomenally well for us and our customers.

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