Chrysler President Indicates Models Will Be Cut

Date 2007/10/2 11:11:00 | Topic: Sales

Chrysler President Jim Press recently indicated that Chrysler's product line will have to undergo some sort of transformation. Noting that the line is saturated in some segments and thin in other segments.
"The cars have intrinsic appeal, and I don't think we've effectively created that awareness or understanding among people. I don't think we're getting the consideration we should," Press told The Associated Press in an interview. "The company in many ways has let other people define us. We should define us ourselves."

Press wouldn't elaborate on which models should be eliminated, saying he's still studying the issue, but Chrysler is heavily tilted toward sport utility vehicles. Jeep and Dodge have four similarly priced mid-size SUVs, for example, but the company has only one compact car to capture young buyers, the Dodge Caliber.

By contrast, Toyota Motor Corp. has an entire brand devoted to young buyers, Scion, as well as three small cars and the Prius hybrid under the Toyota badge.

"There seems to be a little too much overlap in some of the models and not enough expansion," Press said.

Which Jeep model(s) do you think will be cut from the lineup?

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