A V-10 Wrangler, Official Jeep Prices

Date 1999/3/22 0:00:00 | Topic: Wrangler

Rarely will you see us report on a custom Jeep, but after reading this article at Off-Road.com, we decided that we had to share (plus it was a slow Jeep news weekend...).

So, what does a professional football player do when a V8 Wrangler isn't enough? He drops almost $100,000 on a custom Jeep that will beat most sports cars out of the blocks. Jeff Christy of the Minnesota Vikings has the hardware to prove it.

You really need to see the pictures and read the entire article to appreciate it, but from the 35" wheels to the 1996 Viper engine that they squeezed under the hood, this TJ screams power. A custom embroidered interior along with after market bumpers completes the package.

DaimlerChrysler recently released their official "suggested retail price and destination charge" list:

Jeep Cherokee

   SE 2WD Four-Door      17,090 525  SE 2WD Two-Door       16,050 525  Sport 2WD Four-Door   19,810 525  Sport 2WD Two-Door    18,775 525  Classic 2WD Four-Door 21,155 525  SE 4WD Four-Door      18,600 525  SE 4WD Two-Door       17,565 525  Sport 4WD Four-Door   21,320 525  Sport 4WD Two-Door    20,285 525  Classic 4WD Four-Door 22,670 525  RHD 2WD Four-Door     21,145 525  RHD 4WD Four-Door     22,655 525  

Jeep Grand Cherokee

  Laredo 2WD            25,995 525  Laredo 4WD            27,965 525  Limited 2WD           31,760 525  Limited 4WD           34,190 525  

Jeep Wrangler

  Wrangler SE           14,345 525  Wrangler Sport        17,905 525  Wrangler Sahara       20,135 525  

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