Jeep Oscars

Date 1999/3/24 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We never thought we'd be writing about the Oscars, but we recently checked out JJournal's coverage of the "Jeep in Film Awards" and we loved it. It seems that each and every year JJournal lists all the great performances of Jeeps in the movies then has its readers vote on their favorite. We're not going to tell you this year's winner (you'll have to check out the site yourself), but we will say that we're planning on renting it now that we've read about the award-winning TJ performance. Here's a list of the nominies:
  • Disturbing Behavior YJ
  • Earthly Possessions YJ
  • Revenge TJ
  • Rounders TJ
  • Saving Private Ryan Flatfender
  • The Thin Red Line Flatfender
  • U-Turn TJ
  • Vampires TJ

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