Friday Quick Hits: SEMA, Jeep Pumpkins, Cheetah Poop

Date 2007/10/26 8:10:58 | Topic: Miscellaneous

I've got a few quick items today - nothing worthy of its own story, so I thought I'd lump them all together.

First up - has some cool pumpkin carving templates featuring Jeeps. There's one featuring a Jeep Wrangler and one with the 7-slot Jeep grille.

Next up, a cheetah poops in some guy's Jeep - at least that's what the title says. Really, this video has no place on this site because it's not actually a Jeep, but fortunately for you, I'm a sucker for animal humor, so here's the link from the Battlezoo blog anyway.

Finally, Chrysler LLC released another captivating episode of "Under the Pentastar", their weekly video recap of Chrysler news. There's a brief shot of the Jeep Wrangler All-Access and Jeep Wrangler JT vehicles at the SEMA show.

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