DaimlerChrysler Annual Report Online

Date 1999/4/30 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

DaimlerChrysler recently released their 1998 annual report in PDF format. While the report doesn't have any revelations, it offers a good overview of the merger and overview of the company. It also features a summary of the financial situation of the company as well as a quick look at the other areas of the company (aerospace, rail, research, etc...).

The annual report (in PDF format) was released in three parts:

Go to www.adobe.com to download a PDF viewer.

While we really enjoyed the consolidated cash flow summaries and balance sheets in Part 3 (okay, they're kind of dry), we really found the section that detailed the merger kind of interesting. It provides a timeline of the 200 days it took to complete the merger, as well as insight into the initial meeting at the 1998 Detriot auto show where the leaders of the two companies met for the first time.

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