Experimental Jeep Ad - UPDATED

Date 2007/10/29 10:43:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We found this image, titled "Jeep experimental ads" over at ETTF.NET - some sort of blog that appears to focus on advertising, technology, and the internet.

I don't know the history of this image, if it is an actual Chrysler ad, or just something created by a designer looking for some attention. Either way, it caught our eye this morning.

If anyone knows anything about this image, let us know, I'd sure like to give the creator credit.

UPDATE - The swissmiss blog is indicating that the photos were from an "event" in Copenhagen, Denmark during the spring of 2007.

UPDATE 2 - Aisle One confirms that the image is part of an advertising campaign by Bates Y&R of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Go on over to the link posted above for a link to a larger version of the image.

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